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CBM Port Services

40 Years of Knowledge
and Experience

CBM has been providing services in the fields of port services, warehousing services and load fixing (lashing) and ship loading & unloading operations with 40 years of knowledge and experience since the 1980s.

CBM successfully carries out domestic and international logistics services with its experienced management and operation staff and is able to offer all kinds of services that exporters & importers may need.

Our port services continue to increase with 700 experienced personnel in 7 different ports in Izmit, Gemlik and Iskenderun regions.

Currently, our warehouses, which are active in 4 different locations in Dilovası, Körfez, Aliağa and Mersin, provides customized container stuffing, unloading and lashing services mainly to export customers (especially iron and steel companies) and forwarders.

CBM gives high quality service with 700 employees and more than 200 forklifts of every tonnage between 3 tons and 33 tons, and different load handling attachments for each load, and this makes our company the reason for preference for our customers.

In our warehouse activities, empty containers are taken from the specified location by our own transportation organization, the loads coming from the factories are unloaded from the vehicles with our own equipment and loaded into the containers in accordance with international loading standards, and the full containers are delivered to the specified ports by our own transportation organization, after fixing them in accordance with the CTU Code standards.

CBM Port Services
CBM Port Services

Our Vision

We aim to give our service to clients in all active port regions of Turkey.

To create opportunities where we can offer similar services on the international platform.

To be among the most preferred Quality Service Provider companies in Turkey by combining our knowledge and experience with strong collaborations, qualified human resources and an innovative approach.

Our Mission

Contributing to the development of our country and providing employment to more families every year by building structures that have sustainable growth potential, are suitable for modern life, and are in harmony with nature and people.

CBM Port Services

Our Shared Values


Always being open to innovation.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus is the first priority of our company.

Continuous Improvement

It is aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of the employees with the support received from both the group and professional organizations.


Reliability is of prime importance.

CBM Port Services